Our Services Include:

  • Herbal Formulations

  • Health Consultations

  • Massage Therapy

  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  • Female Balancing Massage

  • Gift Certificates


Herbal Formulations 

medical-herbscompChristen has over 18 years of experience, and can offer you knowledge and understanding of your own body and health. Her primary focus as an herbalist is to treat people as individuals, irrespective of the condition they have and to stimulate their innate healing power through the use of herbs, diet and lifestyle. She has training to work one-on-one with clients in many areas of health including:

  • Metabolic Syndrome,
  • Stress Reduction
  • Food Allergies,
  • Women’s Health/Cycle Issues,
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome and
  • Nutritional Counseling.

Are you interested in a custom herbal formulation? 

A Tea or Tincture specific to you?

There are two levels of custom formulation: Basic and a Private Consultation. 

BASIC FORMULA: For ‘simple’ conditions or problems, a long-term or in depth protocol isn’t always necessary. In selecting the basic formula, I will have a list of questions to answer, including what your chief complaint is. We’ll go over exactly what you want, then I’ll make you a formula at this time. Please keep in mind that things like long-term anxiety or depression or digestive issues are normally much more complex than a simple question and answer can tackle. If in doubt about whether it’s too complex for a basic formula, please talk to me first. $30.00

PRIVATE CONSULTATION: If the problem is complex, it’s better to come in for a private consultation. With a private consultation you will receive a one hour consultation (if it goes overtime that’s fine; one hour is the minimum) in which we’ll go over your entire case history, get a solid idea of where you want to be in one month, three months, or six months, then lay out a plan to get you there. Your first formula (a tea or a tincture) is included with the consultation, and further formulas will be discussed during your visit. You’ll also receive support for the duration of our partnership, Should a follow-up be needed (it rarely is), this will be discussed at the time of the consultation.-$120.00

 If undecided over which level of support you need, please send an email to or call me directly at 641-357-1494, I’ll be glad to give you this initial consult for free.

Health Consultations

With all the information available from friends, family members, web sites, and even doctors, it can be confusing and overwhelming to know where to start when on the path to health. Consultations can pin-point a good place to start for you as an individual.  

A Complete Consultation consists of two appointments where Christen will cover Herbal, Nutritional, Diet and Lifestyle recommendations. This consult is recommended for persons dealing with more serious health issues, life style changes or a person on Medications. $125.00 for 2 sessions

Natural remedies can be used alone or as a compliment to other therapies. You may want to consult your doctor or other health care professional before adding or changing any medications or therapies you are on.

Massage Therapy

At The Healing House, we have  excellent licensed massage therapists. Trained at schools specializing in Therapeutic Massage, with well over the state required minimum hours of training to qualify for licensing.Deep Massage Technique

Our therapists always customize each session to the individual’s needs. Those needs can change from one session to the next, so no two sessions are exactly the same. 

Our repeat clients are our biggest advertising! 

Although most people know, it must be said that all massage therapy at the Healing House is therapeutic in nature, and NON-SEXUAL. Anyone who expects sexual services will be turned away.

Definition and Prices of Massage

Swedish Massage: Stress-reducing and relaxing, this is the most popular type of massage. Although the pressure can be adjusted to the client’s desires, this is typically a more superficial tissue massage. It is excellent for improving circulation, improving lymphatic flow, and helping the muscles relax and prepare them for deep tissue or clinical massage. For this reason, swedish massage is usually used along with all other massage techniques.

$60.00 Hour, $40.00 Half hour

Deep Tissue Massage: Specializing in Neck and Back issues and Chronic Pain: Including neck pain, low back pain, foot pain, fibromyalgia, or any other constant pain. Deep tissue works on the deeper layers of muscles and tissues. “Deep” is different for everyone! We work according to the client’s comfort level.

$60.00 for a 50 minute session

Pregnancy Massage: Massage during and after pregnancy helps on so many levels! Reducing stress, helping with pain, reducing swelling, improving circulation. It can even help on emotional levels, helping the mother feel closer to her baby and feel better about herself. It can even lead to a easier delivery with fewer complications. Massage after pregnancy can improve post-partum depression, improve breastfeeding, and promote recovery.

$65.00 Hour

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage Therapy: Using stones/Rose Quartz heated in water to massage the body. The hardness of the stones allows the therapist to address specific problem areas with more detailed work or deeper pressure, the warmth is soothing to the client and warms the tissues thoroughly, and the even the weight of the stones can be theraputic. Stones of various sizes, shapes and weights are used throughout.

$80.00 a session

Other Therapies:

Female Balancing Massage: Using mayan uterine abdominal massage techniques, health issues such as; PMS, Menopause, Endometriosis, PCOS, and many other Female issues can be improved.  It helps correct symptoms, but also addresses the causes of the problems. Some dietary and herbal information is also covered in this session. 

60-90 minutes-$85.00 per session

Relaxing Foot Massage with Foot Bath and Essential oils

45 minutes $50.00 per session                         

Essential Oil/Raindrop Therapy

apothecary-bottles_15A Native American technique that combines reflexology, massage, and the use of essential oils to ease back pain improve immune function and relieve stress.

70-90 minutes – $80

Add Aromatherapy to any Treatment: We use only therapeutic grade oils. We are educated about safety and application of oils. We use them topically as appropriate, or diffuse them in the air. $ 5.00 extra

Or add an Aromatherapy Foot Bath to your massage for an additional $10.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be purchase in any amount for services and products at the Healing House.